What do I do if I forget my Author access code?

What do I do if I forget my Toll-Free dictation phone number?

What do I enter when prompted for dictation type during dictation?

What are Rollover Minutes?

If I go over my included minutes how will the overage minutes be billed?

How many Authors can be associated with a Dictation Plan?

How are minutes counted?

Is DictaSmart available 24/7/365?

Is DictaSmart reliable?

Does DictaSmart have good quality phone recording?

What do I do if I forget my FTP User or Author information?

Which FTP clients work best with DictaSmart FTP accounts for FTP and Secure FTPS?

Can I use Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer as an FTP client for DictaSmart FTP?

Is DictaSmart HIPAA compatible?

What if the Authors need a local number?

What audio file format does DictaSmart provide?

How many callers can I have dictating at one time?

How long do you keep dictation files in case I need a copy?

How many Authors can I have?

How many FTP users can I have?

How long does it take from the time I order service until the service is ready for dictation?

If I lose a dictation, is there someone I can contact to help me find it?

Do you bill me or can I set up auto pay?

Do you have dictation instructions that I can give to my Authors?

Can my Authors call from any phone?

Where are your services available?